"I believe that many of the practices in my craft are useful in every aspect of living - and that sharing them with the youth is essential in making this world a better place."

Currently motivating students to discover and fine-tune their dedication, self-confidence, and ability to creatively interpret challenges (both physical and mental) through the practice of dance in the California Bay Area. His aim is to teach this dance with an emphasis on fundamental technique, cultural values, and historical significance while providing an open door for the youth to connect to the thriving hip hop community that exists on a larger scale. Students are exposed to a positive outlet that is in consonance with tenets of good health, conductive social engagement, introspection, and fun. He continues to maintain an active presence in the global breakin' scene as a competitor representing world renown crews - The 808 Breakers, and FloorGangz.

Ark has been featured in music videos, commercials, television shows, and radio shows within the Hawaii circuit. He has amassed an excess of 200 performances in 8 years with his local crew performing in settings from theatre stages to stadiums and has continued to perform in the Bay Area for renown companies such as Google, IBM, and Sony.




Ark offers private and studio classes in the greater part of the Bay area from Marin to San Jose.

Students of ALL ages & levels learn to expand their foundational vocabulary & formulate a process of artistic & athletic expression both individualized & creative.


Ranging from promotions, parties, and corporate mixers, to theatre shows.

With a team of talented dancers, Bboy Ark offers positively-messaged, high-flying showcases that have electrified and motivated audiences across the Pacific.


Visual inspiration fit for the home, office, or studio.

Ark offers limited edition canvas and chromaluxe-aluminum prints representative of his travels competing, teaching, and dancing around the world. You may find his art at several dance studios and coffee shops around the bay area.

  • Preview the available prints at the Etsy Store and photography samples on Flickr.

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Student Highlight Feature

"It takes both the student and the teacher to create the teaching."

EVERY student is on his/her own individual path. The following section is to highlight noteworthy students who have tempered discipline and focus with foundation and creativity.

Our full playlist of student features can be found here .

"Jeff came to my school today to do an intro lesson to breakdancing with my 12th grade students. They loved it. Even the students who watched, came back later to watch and participate. He is professional, inspirational, passionate, sincere, and true to what he speaks about. He is a positive role model, and I hope that more young people come into contact with him and his style of teaching. I saw my students engaged in a way that I have not seen them engaged before. As a teacher, it was inspiring to watch how he could motivate students and help build their confidence in dance expression, in movement expression. Thank you, Jeff! Keep doing what you do!"

"Jeff has been a wonderful teacher for my 6th grade son who takes a ROCO dance class as well as a weekly private break dance lesson at my house. Jeff is always on time, very professional, and his teaching is both positive and passionate. Jeff meets his students where they are and takes their dancing to a whole new level! Jeff has been an exceptional role model to my son which we feel truly lucky for and if you get a chance to watch Jeff perform it is not to be missed!"

"My son has been lucky to be a student of Jeff's for the past three years. In that time we have come to know Jeff not only as an exceptional dancer but as a fantastic teacher, role model, person and friend. Jeff excels at teaching dance and performing but more importantly he passes on critical life skills. Through dancing with Jeff, my son has learned that skills come with goal setting, dedication and practice. Jeff creates a positive environment that is safe (both physically and emotionally) and all about kindness and acceptance for the kids. My son is always the last one to leave class. Jeff, selflessly, is always there offering his time to give one last tip or piece of advice no matter how exhausting my child is. :) I could go on and on. I just can not express how thankful I am to have Jeff in my son's life."

"Jeff is fantastic. I came to breaking a little later in life and started with no small amount of fear being new to it, and he has been an amazing teacher - knowledgeable, patient, and most of all super positive and encouraging. Lessons are always fun and challenging in all the right ways so that you enjoy it but are still growing and learning constantly. Highly recommended!"

"Jeff has been teaching my son break dancing for a second year and it has been a fabulous experience for my son as well as his parents! Jeff is very talented and has infectious energy. He really inspires the kids! I agree that Jeff has a lot of patience - he has a lot of pre-teen and teen kids in his classes and he manages them well. I highly recommend Jeff and am very glad my son has in influence and inspiration in his life."

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