Complete Biography

Complete Biography


Jeff Wong, later to be known as Ark, was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  His passion for breaking sparked in high school during his time at Kamehameha (Kapalama Campus), a famous native Hawaiian-only college preparatory school, and blossomed throughout his undergraduate career at the University of Hawaii (BS Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences).

While competing locally as a novice, Jeff was quickly noticed and taken in by one of Hawaii’s most prominent crew’s, the 808 Breakers.  Soon afterwards Jeff was essential in the movement to transform the 808 Breakers into Hawaii’s most professional and legitimate Bboy Crew (808 Breakers LLC.) by gaining sponsorships, commercial/televised gigues, numerous performances, and representing competitively in both local and national dance scenes.  His dedication and loyalty to his close friends eventually led to the inception of his current name, “Ark,” referring to his history in keeping his crew, “above the water.”

Over the course of his dance career in Hawaii, Ark has performed with his crew in a variety of settings spanning from graduation parties to full-blown theatre shows.  Most notably, Ark performed with D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and the Department of Education by providing entertaining performances as well as positive-lifestyle and anti-drug motivational speeches to children in elementary thru high schools levels around the islands.

Aside from accomplishing North of 100 performances within three years with the 808 Breakers, Ark’s commercial success is distinguished by his appearances in the local Hawaiian television network.  He has been featured in “Dis-N-Dat” as an interviewee and talent, local (Hawaiian) music videos, and commercials for companies such as 88 Tees, Jitter Rings, and Japan Airlines (JAL).

Ark has and continues to represent his hometown in battles worldwide and has travelled between four countries as well as both coasts of North America.  Current competitive highlights include winning a (solo) Hawaii qualifier for “Shadow Styles 2011” and having Red Bull host him in Australia and New Zealand to compete internationally.  Ark and his crew, The 808 Breakers, also won Freestyle Session Hawaii and have represented in California, Washington, New York, and Florida for the past several years.

Taking influence from his personal experiences with notable bboy icons such as Intrigue, Flea, ET, Profowon, and Milestone Ark’s style has been shaped to focus on a well-balanced approach that combines both technical and foundational movement while exhibiting his honed musicality and showmanship. Ark still considers himself a student to his craft and finds great pleasure in continually finding ways to be challenged in all respects both mental and physical.

In 2013 Ark decided to uproot his situation in Hawaii and move to San Francisco, CA in order to further his aspirations as a professional dance educator, entertainer, competitor, and motivator.  Since coming to the continent, Ark has won titles for a number of competitions and taught in over 15 different settings including dance studios, elementary, middle, and high schools in addition to California youth correctional facilities.  He has plans to continue spreading hip hop dance culture and positive lifestyle attitudes to youth across the Bay Area.

Competitions Won:

  • Shadow Wars Hawaii 2011 (HI)
  • Step to The Floor 2011 (NZ)
  • National Dance Week 2012 (3vs3) (HI)
  • Against the Influence 2012 (SEA)
  • 808 King of the Block 2012 (HI)
  • Dance to the Beats 2012 (HI)
  • Skillz Talk 2 Cypher King 2012 (HI)
  • Skillz Talk 2 7-To-Smoke 2012 (HI)
  • Freestyle Session Hawaii 2012 (HI)
  • Zulu Nation Anniversary Hawaii 2012 (HI)
  • Out For Fame / Mighty 4 Union City 2013 (Union City)
  • Floortactiks SF Cypher King 2013 (SF)
  • Break 4 Tots 2013 (2v2) (SF)
  • Pure Style 2014 (2v2 Allstyle) (Santa Rosa)
  • The World 2014 (2v2) (Richmond)
  • Lino Roc II 2014 (2v2) (San Jose)
  • The Kumite (1v1) (Berkeley)
  • Elemental Flaws 3 (3v3) (Stockton)
  • CellSpace Cell-E-Brate Final Jam (2v2) (California)
  • US Jam! (1v1) (South Korea)
  • Style Elements Anniversary (3v3) (San Jose)
  • Bboy City Hawaii (CREW Battle) (Honolulu)

Competitions Judged:

  • Skillz Talk 2 (Hawaii)
  • Level Up 4 (Hawaii)
  • Skillz Hawaii 2012 (Hawaii)
  • West-O Fam Jam (Japan)
  • Bboy City 2015 (Texas)
  • Shadow Styles 2016 (Hawaii)
  • Legendary 2 (Florida)
  • Cypher Cup VIII (California)
  • Kidnetikz Summer Jam (California)
  • King of the Throne (California)